Spice Up your Life: Indian Cooking Classes 2017

More information at : http://ootbtravel.com/indisk-matlagningskurs-temasydindien/

Spice up your Life: Indisk Matlagningskurs 2016

Boka via info@ootbtravel.com/ ootbindia.com Mer Info: http://ootbtravel.com/indisk-matlagningskurs-temasydindien/ photocredit: Patricia Castillo/ http://www.eriksbergsfoto.se

Spice up your Christmas with Mummy’s Green Chutney to die for!

This Christmas I am sharing with you one of my favourite recipes from my Indian cooking classes.  Approximately 2 years back at my first conducted cooking classs, Malin Mendel Westerberg, Swedish Televisions Correspondent in India made this chutney. In Malin’s delicious book on India, Bombay Takeaway ,where she has used food as a metaphor and way to explain … Continue reading

Get spicy with our Indian Cooking classes this winter!

Spice up your Life: Indian Cooking Classes for Sweden

  More information in Swedish: http://ootbtravel.com/indisk-matlagningskurs-temasydindien/