Cooking with Sanjoo


Cooking  Indian Food for Corporates, Individuals, Families and Children

For many Swedes, Indian cuisine is the very first meeting with India. Sanjoo Malhotra’s courses in Indian cooking for team building, corporate bonding and for private individuals, has quickly become very popular both in and outside Stockholm.

Cooking together is a great way to socialize, bond, be creative and connect with your colleagues and peers, while enjoying good food and learning something new! Sanjoo Malhotra teaches us, in one evening to cook real Indian food, which is rarely served at Indian restaurants in Sweden.

Cooking with Sanjoo is like a culinary journey through India. Besides learning to cook a variety of regional Indian delicacies, Sanjoo accentuates his class with interesting tid-bits about Indian Food history and culture. What are the differences between North and South Indian food traditions? What distinguishes Bengali, Gujarati and Punjabi style and why Indian food in Sweden looks and tastes the way it does?

I do the following classes/themes

  • Corporate Team Building, Bonding, Incentive & Competition: You can choose themes like meat free monday, monsoon wedding( non-veg cuisine)
  • Indian Regional Cuisine themed classes: South India( kerala, tamil etc), East India( bengali, north east), North India( Punjabi,Kashmiri, Sindhi etc), West India with Goa( Rajasthani, Gujrati, Maharashtrian, Goan etc)
  • Meat Free Monday Cooking workshops: vegetarian cooking classes
  • Playing with Food: A cooking class for children with parents

Please call Sanjoo at +46707184609 or write to him at for more information.

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