Eat, Beach and Yoga


Yoga on the Beach

Dreaming about a Yoga or a Wellness retreat? Would you like to go away for a few weeks to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Out of the Box Travel is happy to bring you a Yoga Retreat in Kerala, God’s own country,  including healthy food, yoga, meditation, daily massage treatments and plenty of sun and sea. Here there was something for everyone, if you just wanted a weight-loss programme or a stress management programme or a rejuvenation programme. We have decided to categorize our tours into different segments to suit different budgets while maintaining the same themes. So we now have the Yoga Lyx  and the Yoga Fin tour. The following yoga retreat was chosen for the Yoga Fin tour.

When selecting a destination, a hotel or a location one has to consider so may different points of view. One of the main question for me is that will this location pass the swedish/nordic mind-set, needs and requirements? I decided to put on my Quality Hunter hat when exploring  options in Kerala looking for the optimal yoga retreat. For those of you that don’t know, I had just recently been selected as a Quality Hunter for Finnair and Helsinki Airport’s,  Quality Hunting Programme for the category Food and Drink. You can read more about my ideas, experiences here at Sanjoo’s Quality Hunting blogs. 

Yoga Retreat Cottages

Kerela or Kovalam to be exact was a revelation. Kovalam is one of the finest beach destinations of South India famous for its clean and beautiful golden beaches and enchanting surroundings of swaying coconut palms and dreamy cliff views. Combine that with Aurveda and Yoga, the science of life (Ayurveda) with the science of man (yoga) you will get a well-balanced wellness experience. And moreover the location I had selected was quite peaceful, quiet and away from the humdrum of daily life while well-fitting the wishes of my clients from the Nordics.

 The above film gives you a glimpse of the ambiance at our chosen yoga retreat & beach resort in Kerala. The beautiful ecological and ergonomically designed huts fits the ambiance of the lush gardens and coconut trees, creating a feeling of harmony and belonging to the nature around.

Food is an integral part of wellness and this retreat has taken care to ensure that there is a complete range available,  from the  local to the international, catering to all the palates and tastes. From a wide range of salads and a plethora of vegetarian cuisine to meat curries, fish and continental cuisine here there is food for one and all. The Fish is really the  fresh catch of the day from the sea in front of the resort. If you get up really early like at 6 am you can in fact go and see when the fishermen draw in their catch, it’s quite an experience.

 Fishermen bringing in the catch of the day

And why not some yoga on the beach to kick-start your day? Check out this video and I will be back soon with more information from Kerala.

We are planning our first one week yoga retreat over Easter this year. If you are interested please write to or to me at and we will get back to you with more details on the exact dates, prices etc.


One Response to “Eat, Beach and Yoga”
  1. Eva Marie says:

    Dear Sanjoo,
    A great idea and very tempting, but I am working as a relief lodge manager in Serengeti area in Tanzania. If not I would immedeately signed for Kerala.
    I wish you a prosperous week and do hope lots of friends will grasp this opportunity.
    Very best wishes
    Eva Marie W xxx

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